Georgian State Electrosystem Management Shared Experience with Nepali Colleagues

With the support of the US Agency for International Development, representatives of the Nepal energy sector visited the head office of the Georgian State Electrosystem.
The purpose of the working meeting was to share experiences with Nepalese counterparts on the ongoing reforms in the Georgian energy sector. The guests were given a presentation on the role of the Georgian State Electrosystem in the development of the country's energy, the importance of projects implemented over the past decade and the company's future plans. Ucha Uchaneishvili, Chairman of the GSE Management Board, spoke about the dynamics of electricity growth in the country and the reform of the energy market, which should significantly increase the competitiveness of Georgia's energy sector. At the meeting, GSE representatives presented to their Nepali counterparts their vision of attracting foreign investment in energy, facilitating cross-border trade and developing regional electricity markets.
During the visit, the guests visited NCC responsible for the operational management of the Georgian power system, the proper operation of transmission facilities and the sustainability of the power system.