Rehabilitation Works Completed on Power Line Ipari

Georgian State Electrosystem has completed the restoration works on Ipari electricity line located in Svaneti. In the alpine zone near the village of Kala, snow slip damaged the 72nd tower of the electric power line, putting into jeopardy integration of the capacity, generated by Mestiachala 1-2 HPP, into the power grid.

Ipari OHL connects Kvemo Svaneti and Mestia districts and its main route runs at 3000 meters above sea level. Within the rehabilitation works, 12 km section of the road was cleared, including 5 km alpine zone, where the risk of avalanche was great.

Despite the natural disasters and inadequate climate conditions, as a result of heavy and highly skilled work of Georgian State Electrosystem staff the damage was completely eliminated in the shortest possible time. In addition, another tower was added to the specific location for prevention purposes.

The reliability of the power transmission line operation Ipari is of great importance to Svaneti's energy supply and tourism development.