Georgian State Electrosystem is in the Process of Configuration of Alaverdi OHL as Double Circuit Transmission Line

Georgian State Electrosystem is carrying out the configuration of 220 kV Alaverdi OHL in the Gardabani municipality as double circuit transmission line. The project aims to connect the Gardabani CCTPP-2 to the Grid, which includes the tie-in of transmission lines into the CCTPP (Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant), the reconstruction of 220kV bay at Gardabani-500 SS, and the arrangement of three 220 kV cells at Gardabani CCTPP-2.

Georgian State Electrosystem plans to complete the works in May 2019. As a result, one more new combined cycle thermal power plant will be connected to the Power Transmission Grid of Georgia, which will generate additional 230 MW capacity. Against the background of increased annual power consumption, this is an important factor for sustainability and energy independence of the Georgian power system.