Annual Report at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Ucha Uchaneishvili, Chairman of the Management Board of Georgian State Electrosystem, made a summarizing presentation at the meeting held at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The company manager reviewed 2019 work on strengthening internal grid and joining new generation sources to the grid, which made Georgian power grid more reliable and stable.

He talked about future plans and infrastructure projects with the support of international donor organizations or with the own resources of GSE and its subsidiary Energotrans, after comletion of the projects, Georgia will be able to respond to the significant challenges posed by the increased electricity supply through internal energy resources. According to Ucha Uchaneishvili, it is critical to increase the capacity of regional infrastructure to enable the transit of excess electricity produced in Georgia.

In his presentation the company manager touched upon the issue of launching one of the key projects of Georgia - electricity exchange,the prospect of achieving energy independence and establishing electricity trade regional hub.This will dramatically increase the investments in the energy sector and will create an interesting business environment for investors. During the meeting the 2019 financial results of Georgian State Electrosystem were discussed.