Summary Meeting at GSE Premises

On December 25, 2015 the summary meeting was held at GSE premises attended by GSE regional network managers, the company’s management team and the employees of GSE.

Mr. Sulkhan Zumburidze, chairman of management Board of GSE made a presentation and spoke about the works carried out in 2015. During the year 2015 GSE implemented rehabilitation projects of all main substations, which were equipped with state-of-art technologies, all main autotransformers have been repaired, Power transformers have been equipped with modern tap-changers which significantly improves the quality of electricity to be delivered to the customers. Rehabilitation works have been made on the existing power transmission lines. The international projects have been actively ongoing during 2015. In addition, the company successfully implemented a quality management system, GSE developed ten year network development plan. GSE approved the long-term development strategy in which the development of infrastructure and future projects are imposed in years.

“We response to the challenges of the modern world and we are building a new system, radically different from the old one. Our aim is to make Georgia as energy transit hub and we have already made important steps forward in this direction. I’d like to thank all the employees of GSE who are involved in project implementation processes for 24 hours regime” –stated Mr. Zumburidze.

In the summary meeting there was shown the movie displaying the works carried out at GSE during 2015.

At the end, chairman of Management Board of GSE Mr. Zumburidze congratulated the employees on the coming holidays and wished them a happy and successful year.

Summary Meeting at GSE Premises1Summary Meeting at GSE Premises2Summary Meeting at GSE Premises3