Rehabilitation Works in Process in Kakheti Region

Rehabilitation works on power transmission lines and substations in Kakheti Region are going on in nonstop mode.

The cable was successfully replaced on 500 m overhead section of 35kv PTL Apeni in order to avoid hazards considering unstable basin of River Alazani and ensuring unhampered power supply to Lagodekhi District.

Rehabilitation Works in Process in Kakheti Region

Repair works were implemented on the transformer in Khirsa, Kakheti Region in the condition of voltage interruption. This project was executed by Transformer Repair Team. The necessity of voltage cut off was aroused by the absence of backup transformer in Khirsa SS.

Average age of the most expensive equipment being in Company’s possession – autotransformers and transformers is quite high and is close to the limit of its exploitation period. Considering this the Company decided to start refurbishment works of transformers and bays to the extent possible. On this stage there were performed diagnostics of equipment, the list of transformers that need repair and repair schedules have been set.

Refurbishment works of transformers under the rehabilitation list started in 2015. Repair works on 35kv transformers in Kakheti Region will be implemented by local staff, as for 110kv – the works will be performed by Transformer Repair Team. Successful implementation of the project will preclude the necessity of cutting off consumers for the purpose of performing safe exploitation works.

The process of switching 110kv circles to digital protection is being performed by GSE staff nonstop in the frames of SEL project, using dismantled digital relays.

Rehabilitation of primary and secondary commutation equipment in Kakheti Region is implemented using spare equipment remaining from rehabilitation projects performed in 220kv and 500kv substations of GSE enabling GSE to save budgetary funds.