GSE Managed to Minimize the Number of Emergencies

Diagnostics Service of GSE implemented diagnostics of the equipment installed in GSE substations.

Overall diagnostics of power, current and voltage transformers, as well as auto transformers, reactors, surge arresters and circuit breakers was implemented during 2015. Ground loops and power transmission lines were also examined.

Diagnostics was performed with the use of thermal scanner. Thermal scanner is a video equipment created with modern technologies and its infrared rays enable to observe and identify excessive heat spots on electric equipment. After identifying the overheated spot the photo is taken and a report is created on the basis of which the damaged spot is being repaired afterwards.

Besides, transformer oil was also checked. Oil aging may cause the failure of quite valuable equipment. Oil analysis enables to detect the fault in the equipment causing the problem for its operation.

Diagnostics minimized the number of emergencies which is one of the significant factors for safe and stable power supply.

GSE Managed to Minimize the Number of Emergencies1GSE Managed to Minimize the Number of Emergencies2GSE Managed to Minimize the Number of Emergencies3