Georgian State Electrosystem at Spectrum Power Users' Conference Organized by Siemens

Giorgi Amuzashvili, Director of Energy Dispatch at Georgian State Electrosystem participated in the conference of Spectrum Power users organized by Siemens. Modern trends in the development and requirements of the central control system of transmission and distribution grid operators, its modules (SCADA/EMS) were discussed at the conference. The conference included, sharing best practices of leading European countries, discussions and debates on the challenges in the energy sector.

At the same time, a business meeting was held between GSE and Siemens AG management, where the strategy and future relation plans between the companies were discussed.

In Georgian State Electrosystem, for the first time in Transcaucasia, in 2009 on the basis of Spectrum Power Siemens, company implemented a SCADA/EMS system, which included the installation and commissioning of a control panel equipped with the latest technologies in the National Dispatch Center. As a result of the project, it became possible to obtain complete information from substations and stations in a real time, the efficiency of response in ordinary and emergency situations has been improved. In 2020 the mentioned system was completely renovated, which further improved the process of safe and reliable control of power system.