Board of Directors

Giorgi Amuzashvili

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Member of the Board of Directors / Director of Energy Dispatch

Giorgi Amuzashvili was appointed as a Director of Energy Dispatch of JSC Georgian State Electrosystem in 2021. From 2017 he served as a member of the Management Board of GSE.

Giorgi joined the company in 2009 and worked in the positions of Dispatcher, Senior Dispatcher, Senior Engineer of Technical Inspectorate, Deputy Chief Dispatcher, Network Substation Development Project Manager and WAM Project Manager.

In 2016-2017 he worked for BP Georgia Ltd, in 2006-2009 – for JSC Energy Invest, in 2003-2005 - for East Energy Corp. Ltd.

Giorgi graduated from Georgian Technical University qualifying as an Electrical Engineer. He holds Master’s degree from Electrical Engineering at the Georgian Technical University.