Cooperation programs

Black Sea Regional Transmission System Planning Project (BSTP)

The Black Sea Regional Transmission System Planning Project (BSTP) was created by US Agency for International Development, US Energy Association and Black Sea Region Transmission Network Operators in 2004. The purpose of the project was to create a unified model of power transmission planning. Members of the Working Group are: Armenian, Bulgarian, Georgian (GSE), Moldovan, Romanian, Ukrainian and Turkish transmission operators.

Goals and objectives provided by the Memorandum of Understanding:

  • Cooperation between Black Sea Region Transmission System operators
  • Determination of priority investments in transmission systems and connections
  • Offer to increase electricity trade in the Black Sea region
  • Harmonization of the principles and methodology of power transmission planning
  • Creation of a working group with experience in planning the power transmission network
  • Provision of trainings in the use of power transmission planning software (PSS/E)
  • Creation of a common platform among transmission operators for analysis of the transmission system in the Black Sea region.

The Working Group has developed detailed local and regional power distribution and dynamics models of high voltage network for 2010, 2015, 2020 and 2025 planning periods.

To strengthen the overall concept:

Based on the project's achievements, project participants shall support the achievement of the following goals:

In 2020 and 2025, upgrading dynamic power transmission models created by transmission network operators

Supporting institutional capacity building between local transmission network operators, conducting trainings for engineers

Conducting analysis to determine potential investment projects for power transmission

Conducting training using PSS / E for dynamic sustainability analysis, which will facilitate the improvement of Working Group skills

Conducting training on the creation of renewable sources of energy, forecasting and integration into power transmission networks

Determining priority projects of regional importance related to power transmission

Establishing relations with North American and European Power Transmission Network Operators for integration of renewable resources

Cooperation of regulatory commissions with the National Association (NARUC) and Working Group of the Black Sea Regional Regulatory Initiative (BSRI).

Energy Technology and Management ProgramAzerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Energy Bridge

The Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Energy Bridge Project was created in April 2009. The sub-regional project will promote the growth of electricity trade and electricity exchange. The project goes beyond the Black Sea Regional Transmission Planning Project (BSTP) and supports the goals of strengthening the Energy Community of three countries set by USAID.