CIGRE National Committee of Georgia

The National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) has been established in Georgia at the initiative and under guidance of Georgian State Electrosystem.Which has become 59th NC of CIGRE.

CIGRE is a permanent, non-governmental and non-profit association based in France in 1921. It is the leading worldwide organization, which unites the players of the Electric Power Industry: companies as well as academia, managers, decision-makers, regulators and specialists from more than 90 countries with more than 14000 members.

CIGRE Georgia is organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. It aims to facilitate and promote the interchange of technical knowledge and information exchanged by synthesizing state-of-the-art and world practices in Georgia as regards the field of electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems. CIGRE-Georgia is the first national committee across the region. In addition, it is worth noting that Georgia has already been actively involved, as member, in the South East European Region of CIGRE (SEERC).

Georgia NC consists of 44 equivalent members. Besides the experts of Georgian State Electrosystem, the representatives of ENERGOTRANS and Georgian Technical University have also joined the Committee.

The objectives of Georgian National Committee are:

  1. To act as liaison between the head office of CIGRE and the members in Georgia. To share the enhancements and modern technical know-how existing in the field of Electrical Power Systems
  2. To recommend persons to the CIGRE Central Office for membership of 16 Study Committees and Working Groups; their research efforts are anchored to assess current progress and challenges in the sector and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow
  3. Recruit CIGRE members to organize the studies regarding the most important issues of Georgian electrical power systems and to ensure national representation and contributions to Sessions
  4. To promote meetings of Study Committees and Working Groups, technical meetings or other events in Georgia, either separately or in conjunction with other appropriate organizations.

Membership of the Georgian NC is automatic for all representatives of the field like TSO, DSO, generators, industries, academia, institutions and physical individuals with a scientific, technical or industrial interest who pays the appropriate annual membership fee. For joining CIGRE Georgia National Committee, please contact the administrative assistant to the following e-mail:

The representatives of the Georgia National Committee are:

Mr. Giorgi Amuzashvili

CIGRE Georgia NC
JSC Georgian State Electrosystem

Mr. Giorgi Arziani

CIGRE Georgia NC
(PhD, Associated Professor)

Ms. Teona Elizarashvili

Administrative Assistant
CIGRE Georgia NC