International affairs

Due to its geographic location, Georgia plays an important role in the Caucasus region in the process of solving the tasks for the regional energy integration, which implies the exchange of electricity between the neighboring countries. JSC Georgian State Electrosystem seeks to be an important player in the energy market of Caucasus Region. We cooperate with neighboring partners in the Republic of Turkey, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Armenia to further integrate the electricity market, thereby assure reliable and secure operation, export, import, transit of electricity and assistance in emergency situations.

We work closely with our European partners to integrate with European area and harmonize with it, among others, by applying the terms and conditions of the EU’s Third Energy Package under the Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, of the one part and Georgia of the other part, and Protocol concerning the Accession of Georgia to the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community.

Thereby, GSE seeks to deepen its cooperation with Transmission System Operators throughout the European Union, in order to share their experience and harmonize Georgian energy legislation with EU requirements in field of organizing of electricity market structure and assuring safety and security of electricity supply.

We are in close cooperation with ENTSO-E and intend to apply for observer membership.

GSE is involved in process of researching the opportunities to develop North-South energy corridor with Russian federation, Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Cross-border connections

We have, or are in the process of realizing the following cross-border connections: The unique substation in the Caucasus Region has been built in Georgia as it is the first power facility in the Region where the HVDC back-to-back links are installed. This substation is interconnected by Turkish substation via 400 kV Electricity Transmission Line Meskheti from Akhaltsikhe (Georgia) to Borchka (Turkey);

Another electricity transmission line connecting Georgia with the Turkish power system is 220 kV Batumi-Khopa line, solely used for emergency situations;

Construction Agreement for 400 kV Tortum (Turkey) - Akhaltsikhe (Georgia) Interconnection Line between TEİAŞ (TURKEY -, GSE and ENERGOTRANS LTD (GEORGIA - is in progress and shall be signed in the nearest future.