Brief history

2002Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd was founded as a result of merger of JSC Electrogadatsema and JSC Electrodispetcherizatsia.  
2003Management rights over Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd were transferred to International Company ESBI INTERNATIONAL.  
2006Electricity Market (Capacity) Rules came into effect, based on which Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd concluded direct agreements with qualified companies, which contributed to the company’s financial condition.  
2007Management rights over Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd were transferred to the Georgian side  
2008Rehabilitation Plan for Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd entered into effect, based on which the accounts payable to creditors were postponed for 15 years (under the condition of payment in increments).  
2009Complex Rehabilitation Program for high voltage substations and transmission lines of Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd entered into effect.  
2011Georgian State Electrosystem Ltd was turned into a joint stock company, and state-owned Partnership Fund became its 100% shareholder.  
2013Black Sea Transmission Network Project completed. Georgian and Turkish energy systems interconnected with a new 400kV transmission line.  
2013Construction of high voltage double-circuit 220 kV transmission line Senaki 1,2 completed.  
2015A Ten Year Network Development Plan (2015-2025) was elaborated and approved for the first time.  
2016Construction of Marneuli-500, Jvari-500, Khorga-220 substations completed.  
2020LEPL National Agency of State Property became the owner of 100% of the shares of JSC Georgian State Electrosystem.  
2020JSC Georgian State Electrosystem was awarded the License to operate the electricity market for the balancing and ancillary services market segment.  
2021The merger of Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) and its subsidiary - Energotrans Ltd took place.  
2021Rehabilitation regime of JSC Georgian State Electrosystem is successfully completed. The company fully repaid the financial obligations of the creditors under the rehabilitation plan.