Rehabilitation of Ksani 500kV substation


Under this project component the rehabilitation of the 500/220/110/10kV substation Ksani finalized. The project comprised the rehabilitation of the primary and secondary equipment (protection and control systems), busbars, gantries etc. as well as arrangement of internal roads.  An additional challenge of this project component was that the works were performed with minimum outages, due to the importance of the Ksani substation for the power supply to Tbilisi metropolitan area. In addition, Ksani 500kV substation is connecting the  power systems of western and eastern Georgia. 

Through strong coordination and involvement of GSE personnel, the rehabilitation of Ksani 500kV substation was implemented with the high standards of safety.

After completion of the rehabilitation of Ksani 500kV substation, power transmission safety increased, the substation is now remotely controlled from the NCC. Ksani 500kV and Marneuli 500kV substations were connected through Asureti power transmission line which facilitated even higher reliability of power supply to Tbilisi and  with the 500 kV link from Ksani to Russia a high capacity power transmission corridor was established for strengthening the function of the Georgian power system as an international energy trading hub in the south Caucasus region.

Project Details:


> 500/220/110/10kV bays fully rehabilitated

> Existing portals rehabilitated and aligned

> New SCADA system equipped with new control and protection

> Internal road rehabilitated

> New communication link established between SS Ksani 500 and SS Marneuli 500 via OHL Asureti

> New battery room constructed

> 10kV switchgear fully rehabilitated

> New cable channels with cable connections where installed

> Closed circuit television system implemented with capability to control from remote

Project Construction Time:

  • Project started on 31 October 2014
  • Project completion date is December 16, 2016

Project Cost:

  • 9.9 mln. Euro



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Project Team


Giorgi Guldedava

Project Manager

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202



Tinatin Kirkitadze

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202