WAM (Work and Asset Management) Project


Georgian State Electrosystem JSC (GSE) completed implementation of WAM system (Work & Assets Management). IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH was responsible for implementation of WAM system and PWC-Pricewaterhousecoopersprovided quality assurance ofWAM Project.


The purpose of the project was theimplementation of united system (Database, and web, desktop and mobile Applications) formanagement of main assets, work and maintenance processes. The targets of WAM system is to simplify and improve work planning, ordering, monitoring and execution, as well as dynamic control of condition of GSE main assets; moreover, WAM software is giving the opportunity to increase exploitation live-circle of assets and improves work performance also.

Project Details:

Project Implementation consisted of 3 phases:

I Phase - Core asset management;
II Phase - Work and field management;
III Phase - Additional function.

WAM project I phase

  • Design and Execution Planningwas implemented;
  • Location hierarchy for 19 substations was executed;
  • GSE asset types were analyzed and uploaded into asset type library; 8182 asset instances were imported and were allocated into hierarchy;
  • IPS provided trainings for FDC data collection and relay data was prepared for import into productive database;
  • Project support was started on 10th of October, after productive data base was provided.

WAM project II phase:

  • Based on ANSI/NETA MTS-2015 and VDE 0109-2 standards, together with contractor company IPS, was completed formation of maintenance concept documents for improving the performance of maintenance works on GSE main assets and integration into IPSE software. In particular, this documentation includes the Standard Operation procedures for Visual, Detailed and Additional Inspection of GSE main assets. The main purpose of the maintenance concept was to increase exploitation live-circle of GSE electrical devices;
  • IPS provided united document, which contains already implemented maintenance concepts together with the examples of IPS customers. Based on this document, GSE performed the above mentioned procedures that are mostly comprehensive to GSE;
  • IPS updated IPSE software to the version 1.93 (new, beta version). Based on the updates, IPSE software program interface was changed, functionality was improved and minor bugs were corrected;
  • In IPSE software was performed Data import of Overhead Lines.

IPSE system interfacing with other existing programs of GSE:

  • SmartGridDi application was added to GSE WAM system, which consist of 1) various functions for establishment of interfaces with third party applications, 2) modules for collecting of information from external sources, 3) modules for analyzing collected data and finally 4) modules with the ability of trigger implementation and management;
  • Mapping between CAPE devices and IPSE software by using the IPS-CAPE Bridge completed;
  • SCADA-IPS interfacing by using IPS SmartGridDI completed. Accordingly, IPSE system daily receives information about HV power transformers and circuit breakers from SCADA and stores it in own database;

WAM project III phase was completed.

Project Implementation Time:

  • Project start date - 11 January, 2016
  • Project completion date - 23 January, 2019.

Project Cost:

1.32 mln. Euro.



Project Team


Giorgi Bigvava

Project Manager
Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202
E-mail: giorgi.bigvava@gse.com.ge


Victoria Turnava

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: victoria.turnava@gse.com.ge


Levan Odishelidze

Project Coordinator
Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202
E-mail: levan.odishelidze@gse.com.ge

giorgi nacvlishvili.jpg

Giorgi Natsvlishvili

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: giorgi.natsvlishvili@gse.com.ge

cotne mamaladze.jpg

Tsotne Mamaladze

Project Coordinator
Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202
E-mail: tsotne.mamaladze@gse.com.ge